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Welcome to PlayAion 5.8

PlayAion is a retail-like 5.8 PvPvE server, hosted in Europe and the U.S with medium-low 1.5x/2.0x rates.

This means that the core leveling and gameplay loop mostly stays the same as it was intended by NCSoft back in 2018.

We did, however, make some QoL changes that we think people will appreciate, such as items not getting destroyed when failing an enchant, improved enchanting rate, drops, rewards, and more!

PlayAion will never be pay-to-win like retail. The only items in the shop are strictly cosmetic, QoL, or have no major impact on gameplay features. Moreover, our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to drop by in our discord server here:

We are always happy to chat or assist if needed!